Vierhaus Group

History of the family business

From a carpentry to an internationally operating system supplier to the caravan and furniture industry. A brief historical overview:


Today, Arndt Vierhaus manages the group of companies. As a courageous and forward-looking entrepreneur, he and his wife Alicia Vierhaus are constantly developing the Vierhaus Group to meet the permanent changes of our time.


Opening of VierhausBike, Alno Park Pfullendorf (BaWü)

In January 2023 VierhausBike opened its doors in Alno Park. VierhausBike sells refurbished bicycles that are available for immediate takeaway. The affiliated master workshop offers additional services.


Acquisition of Alno, Pfullendorf (BaWü)
Acquisition of TEGOS, Pfullendorf (BaWü)

In 2021, Arndt Vierhaus complemented the Vierhaus Group with the acquisition of the caravan system supplier TEGOS in Pfullendorf and the takeover of the Pfullendorf-based kitchen manufacturer Alno.


Foundation of VierTec, Rees (NRW)

With the founding of the plastics company VierTec in 2020, Vierhaus expanded its range of materials and its material and processing diversity. The focus of VierTec is currently on the trade and processing of plastics.

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Acquisition of the design table manufacturer EVE collection, Bad Honnef (NRW)

In 2012 followed the acquisition of the design table manufacturer EVE collection in Hennef, with which Vierhaus strengthened its core range in particular.

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Handover of the business to Arndt Vierhaus


Functional mechanics for motorhomes and caravans

This area became more and more comprehensive in the past years, so that Ilse, as a metal specialist, expanded its product range to include mechanics for beds, TV sets and gas cylinders and also expanded into other, non-furniture areas and opened up new target groups.


Takeover of Ilsewerke, Uslar (Niedersachsen)

In 1990 Karl Vierhaus (jun.) bought the bankrupt competitor “Ilsewerke” in Uslar (Lower Saxony).

Ilse, einst Europas größtes Kleinmöbelwerk, war die erste nationale Unternehmenserweiterung, auf die noch viele folgen sollten.

Ilse, once Europe’s largest small furniture factory, was the first national expansion of the company, which was to be followed by many more.

Vierhaus initially embarked on further expansion on the international stage when, in 1994, Karl Vierhaus (Jr.) and his son Arndt Vierhaus decided to cooperate with a company in Lithuania just a few days after the withdrawal of the Russian troops.

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Handover of the business to Karl Vierhaus (jun.)

In addition, the design aspect came further to the fore, so that Vierhaus was the first German manufacturer to finish coffee tables with Italian marble tops.

Can't be done, doesn't exist.
Karl Vierhaus jun.

Inventiveness and tinkering, coupled with an entrepreneurial vision for functionality and product versatility, led Vierhaus to manufacture extendable tables in the kitchen area as early as the 1930s, to which height-adjustable table models were added in the 1950s.


Handover of the business Karl Vierhaus (sen.)

In 1938, the business passed to August’s son Karl (senior), who together with his wife Maria steered Vierhaus through the turmoil of the war and post-war period.

The company was bombed twice in Essen and burned to the ground in Vehlingen (Lower Rhine) on June 20, 1948, the day of the currency reform, after a boiler explosion.


Karl (senior) finally ventured a new start in neighboring Millingen, where the company still operates a furniture production facility today. Karl Vierhaus (senior)


Foundation by August Vierhaus

In the middle of the Ruhr area, more precisely in Essen, lies the former workplace of the Vierhaus company, inseparably linked with the protagonists of German industrial history.


August Vierhaus furnished the interior of Krupp’s workers’ apartment with his, at first small, carpentry business and built the staircase of Villa Hügel, which still exists today.